P2P Accelerators

You pay for your internet connection!

Why not getting the most out of it?

If you are looking for a new and innovative technology able to really accelerate the network traffic and increase the download speed of your preferred P2P program, you are on the right place.

Our revolutionary acceleration algorithm is performing on the TCP/IP protocol level to increase the network traffic speed. Here you will find low level network accelerators specially designed for the most popular P2P programs of the moment.

How it works? The accelerator will position itself between your P2P program and the network interface, which is automatically detected (Network card, ISDN card or modem), and will optimize the traffic to facilitate the maximum speed for incoming data packets. This is transparent for the P2P program. The only thing you should care of is to start first the accelerator and then the P2P program.

The Accelerators

Here are the programs, just click on the boxes to go and read more details:

Ares Galaxy Acceleration Tool

Ares Galaxy Acceleration Tool

Through an innovative traffic optimization algorithm, Ares Galaxy Acceleration Tool can speed up the Ares downloads up to 300%. The tool is designed to support the Ares multi-source downloads and addresses especially the situations with slow sources…

Azureus Acceleration Tool

Azureus Acceleration Tool

With Azureus Acceleration Tool you can obtain a considerable speed improvement for your Azureus downloads. The tool is accelerating the Azureus downloads by optimizing the network traffic at the lowest TCP/IP level…

eMule Acceleration Tool

eMule Acceleration Tool boxshot

eMule Acceleration Tool is an internet traffic accelerator customized to eMule. One of the most popular p2p programs will be now faster through the usage of the eMule Acceleration Tool…

BitTorrent Acceleration Tool

BitTorrent Acceleration Tool boxshot

BitTorrent Acceleration Tool will help you increase the speed of your BitTorrent downloads. The accelerator will position itself between your BitTorrent program and the internet and will act as a low level network traffic manager…

Shareaza Acceleration Tool

Shareaza Acceleration Tool boxshot

Shareaza downloads are faster if Shareaza Acceleration Tool will manage them. Shareaza Acceleration Tool is a new generation of download accelerators and it is based on an innovative network traffic acceleration algorithm…

BearFlix Acceleration Tool

BearFlix Acceleration Tool boxshot

BearFlix Acceleration Tool will speed up your BearFlix video downloads. With its state-of-the-art traffic acceleration algorithm, BearFlix Acceleration Tool is able to increase the speed of your BearFlix video downloads with up to 300%…

Vuze Acceleration Tool

Vuz acceleration tool boxshot

The result of inspired work by dedicated developers, is a small-size p2p software created to enable fast downloads of large size files via file sharing networks with the help of Vuze p2p client…