BitTorrent Acceleration Tool

BitTorrent Acceleration Tool boxshotBitTorrent Acceleration Tool will help you increase the speed of your BitTorrent downloads. The accelerator will position itself between your BitTorrent program and the internet and will act as a low level network traffic manager. By using ultimate acceleration algorithms, the BitTorrent Acceleration Tool will boost your download speed up to 300% according to our tests. The tool doesn’t need much user action as the functionality is fully automated. Therefore the interface is very simple and intuitive.

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There are no hidden spyware, trojans or ads inside the tool and, the best of it: it’s free. Have fun with your boosted BitTorrent downloads!


BitTorrent Acceleration Patch boxshot



  • Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Win7
  • BitTorrent (
  • Internet connection


  • capable of high acceleration rate (up to 300%)
  • will do the job with minimum user intervention
  • user friendly interface
  • low resource consumption; can run as a tray icon
  • free of TROJANS, SPYWARE and ADS
  • run of the most Windows platforms
  • it’s free