eMule Acceleration Tool

eMule Acceleration Tool boxshot is an internet traffic acceleration tool customized for eMule. One of the most popular p2p programs will be now faster through the usage of this accelerator. The accelerator will interfere with the network traffic at lowest level and optimize it for maximum possible speed of the incoming data packets.

There is no need for you to care about any configuration; the tool will work fine with the default settings. Therefore the interface is very simple and easy to manipulate and can be minimized as a tray icon.

The accelerator requires Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Win7 and the eMule client installed (www.emule-project.net). It features a nice interface and a significant download speed improvement.

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There is no SPYWARE, TROJANS or ADS contained and the program will use minimum resources. The license is free and you can use the program as long as you want without any functionality limitations.

eMule Acceleration Tool screenshot


  • significant download speed improvement of eMule downloads
  • user friendly interface
  • minimum user action
  • the program is CLEAN: no spyware, no trojans, no ads
  • automatically resume paused or interrupted downloads
  • low CPU and Memory usage
  • able to run as a tray icon
  • the program is free