FrostWire Acceleration Tool

FrostWire Acceleration Tool boxshotAlready got FrostWire? Then you can experience much faster downloads by using the new FrostWire Acceleration Tool. The tool is performing at lowest TCP/IP level interposing itself between the FrostWire software and the internet sources.

By using an advanced acceleration algorithm for optimizing the network traffic,  is able to boost your downloads with up to 300% according to our tests.

This powerful accelerator is coming with a nice and simple user interface, does NOT contain any spyware, adware or trojans and is absolutely free.

Click to download the latest version for free…


Enjoy your downloads at the highest possible speed of your internet connection!

FrostWire Acceleration Tool screenshot


  • accelerated FrostWire downloads
  • based on advanced network traffic acceleration technology
  • interface is beautiful and easy to operate
  • low resource usage while running as a tray icon
  • no unwanted software bundled (no spyware, no adware, no trojans)
  • it’s free