LimeWire Acceleration Tool

LimeWire Acceleration Tool boxshot is low level network acceleration software for LimeWire P2P program. Your LimeWire downloads will be up to three times faster. This performance is achieved by exploiting the full available network potential of the sources and optimizing the traffic speed by minimizing the unnecessary protocol overhead.

The program requires a minimum user action; therefore the interface is very simple and easy to use. There are no “unwanted” tools bundled inside, like spyware, adware or trojans. The software can be used for free with no limitations.

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The program features include:

  • traffic acceleration by low level protocol optimizations
  • minimum user intervention
  • very simple interface
  • low resource consumption
  • free to use
  • program can be minimized as a tray icon

LimeWire Acceleration Tool screenshot



Have fun with your LimeWire downloads!